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Why Do My Varicose Veins Keep Coming Back?

Varicose Veins If you have had treatment but your varicose veins have come back, there could be three main reasons. If you have only been using creams or stockings, these will not treat the source of the varicose veins, as they are under the skin and you will need extra treatment alongside the creams.

The Wrong Treatment Was Given

Varicose Veins If you have been treated and the veins seem to have come back, the treatment given may have been wrong or not medically proven to work. Lots of clinics may offer a quick fix at a good price, but do you know exactly what you are getting? Some treatments, such as stripping, which remove the varicose veins in surgery, may not work. Veins are made to repair and replace, unlike organs, so if an affected vein is removed from the body, the body will try to replace this vein. This could cause a new vein to form. When a new vein forms in the body, it doesn’t have valves, meaning it will automatically be varicose.

The Wrong Vein Was Treated

No two varicose veins are alike and different veins will be affected in each individual person. An ultrasound is needed to ensure the correct veins are treated. If a vein is missed, the varicose veins will come back as the source has not been treated. If you have been treating outer varicose veins with creams or stockings, this will not get rid of the root cause of your varicose veins, meaning they will reappear. These are only temporary solutions.

New Varicose Veins Have Formed

Varicose Veins Unfortunately, if you have had varicose veins and they have been treated, this doesn’t guarantee that another vein will not become varicose, although it is rare. The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is by reducing the risks of varicose veins. You can do this by having a healthy diet, regular exercise, and ensure you are not sitting or standing for long periods of time every day. If they reoccur, this does not mean they were not treated the first time; it just means another vein has been affected.

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