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What Surgical Procedures Can Help with Varicose Veins?

reticular veinsFor some people, varicose veins can become problematic and require treatment beyond simply treating them with over-the-counter methods. There are several medical procedures available that can provide individuals with the improvement they need. These medical procedures have the goal of closing off the varicose veins or removing them entirely. What is right for you depends on many factors including the severity of the condition, their location, and your overall health. What treatment for varicose veins is right for your needs? Consider these options.


One of the most common steps for doctors to take is to use sclerotherapy. This procedure uses a liquid chemical that is injected into the impacted vein. This then causes irritation and, scarring from the inside of the vein. Eventually, it leads to the vein becoming closed off. This allows the vein to naturally fade away, no longer being accessible to blood supply.


This procedure is much like sclerotherapy but it is used to treat spider veins, which are much smaller than varicose veins typically are. In this method, a fine needle is used to inject the chemical to close off the vein.

Laser Surgery

A growing in popular option is laser surgery. It used a light energy that is applied to the exterior of the varicose vein. This allows the vein to fade away. This is often an acceptable option for smaller varicose veins and does not requiring any cutting of the skin or any injection of chemicals.

Ablation Therapy

endovenuous-laser-ablationSome ablation therapy can be helpful in treating this condition. This type of therapy, specifically endovenous ablation, uses radio waves or lasers to heat the area and close off the vein. This is done through a small cut that is made in the skin near the vein. A catheter is then inserted into the vein so that the proper location can be obtained.



There are other types of medical procedures available as well. This includes ambulatory phlebotomy, in which a doctor cuts into the skin to remove the varicose veins and endoscopic vein surgery which occurs when a small cut is made in the skin to allow a camera to pass into it and a device removes the vein or closes it off.

Which is the right treatment for varicose veins for you depends on your specific needs. When you come in to see our Manhattan, New York varicose vein doctor, you’ll learn more about those options.

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