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What Are Trunk Varicose Veins?

Spider VeinsVaricose veins are twisted, lengthened and sometimes tortuous veins that tend to occur on the legs. When this occurs, the vein’s change in size and shape causes the veins to protrude from the skin, making the vein easily seen on the skin just under the outer layer. There are various types of veins that can exhibit this type of abnormality and all of these veins should be seen as a risk. Talk to your doctor about them as soon as you notice them to ensure that they are not a danger to your health.

What Are Trunk Veins?

Trunk veins are those that are located in the trunk of the body, or that stem from this area and run into the arms. Trunk veins can be larger and can be more dangerous in terms of treatment when varicose veins form on them or from them. About 40 percent of varicose veins occur in the trunk for men and about 2 percent occur for women.

Varicose veins like these result in a number of different symptoms. Each one is different based on the patient and the location. Most men, though, only have one symptom associated with these types of varicose veins. That is itching. Women tend to have more significant types of symptoms for trunk veins. This can include tension, itching, and heaviness. They can also ache and cause significant pain and discomfort for the woman.

What to Do About Them

When you are faced with a diagnosis of trunk varicose veins, it is essential that you schedule an appointment with a specialized doctor for treatment in these veins. In doing so, you will be able learn if your varicose veins need treatment. This is often dependent on a number of factors including whether or not the vein is causing symptoms, the size of it, the location of it, and any types of complications you may already be having such as ulcers or blood clots.Best Varicose Vein Surgery in NYC

Take a few minutes to discuss your options with an experienced varicose vein doctor. Our team will meet with you to discuss your specific case and then determine what your options are for treatment. In nearly all cases, you can have treatment to reduce any of the symptoms you are experiencing.

Schedule a consultation with our varicose vein doctor in our Manhattan, New York office at 212-993-6133 to discuss what your options are.

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