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When Is Treatment for Varicose Veins Necessary?

When Is Treatment for Varicose Veins Necessary?You have varicose veins. Perhaps your mother did as well. It is something that began happening after you had your children and now, you don’t think much about them. But, should you? In some situations, varicose veins are nothing to worry about. This is especially true when you only have a few of them and they are smaller. Spider veins, for example, are less worrisome. But, for others, there is a real need to make changes to your skin and to improve your varicose veins.

There is the risk of complications in some situations. Your varicose vein doctor can tell you more about these risks and how they can impact your health.

When Should You See a Varicose Vein Doctor?

When Is Treatment for Varicose Veins Necessary?If you have varicose veins, seek out help from a skilled and specialized varicose vein doctor. This is especially important in some situations such as:

  • You have pain in your veins or the area surrounding them
  • The veins are growing or changing
  • The veins are larger than ½ an inch
  • You have more than one varicose vein
  • You have any other health risk factor such as high blood pressure, higher risk of a stroke, or heart disease
    In these situations, your risks are higher for developing complications. You should seek out care from a doctor as soon as possible.

What Are the Complications You Face?

Complications from varicose veins are not common, however they can occur. For this reason, you should see a varicose vein doctor if you have them. Some of the complications include:

    • The development of ulcers, which can form near the varicose veins on the skin. These can be painful build-ups of fluid that can lead to infections.
    • Blood clot risks are higher in those who have varicose veins. This can lead to a blood clot into your heart, lung or brain. If you have any sudden swelling or pain in or near the varicose vein, seek immediate medical attention.
    • Bleeding is another risk factor. Because of their location, they can burst and lead to significant amounts of bleeding and an increased infection risk.

When Is Treatment for Varicose Veins Necessary?Most importantly, you do not have to live with the pain and discomfort that these veins can create. Instead, come in to see the best varicose vein doctor in Manhattan, New York. Learn about what simple options are available to give you the relief you want and need.

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