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The Best Exercises for Varicose Veins

Exercises for Varicose VeinsAccording to researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University, varicose veins are engorged blood vessels that are visible through your skin. They usually affect your legs and can be very painful and aesthetically unpleasant. In this condition, light to moderate exercise helps in increasing blood circulation that can significantly reduce the pain and undesirable appearance of the veins.

Sometimes exercise can retard or even prevent new varicose veins from developing. Any exercise that you choose should be performed gently, and in case you experience any discomfort or pain stop immediately. After an exercise session, it is important that you elevate and rest your legs. Here are some of the best exercises for varicose veins.

Walk Regularly

Walking is the simplest and most effecting exercise for preventing varicose veins. If you are suffering from this condition, keeping your legs in regular motion is highly recommended. Walking is a great means of enhancing the blood circulation in your legs.

Take charge of your life and give up excuses like lack of time and laziness. Don’t take that elevator, instead walk up the stairs; if your workplace is not very far, don’t take the car, walk. These apparently minor changes in your daily efforts will reap great benefits, making your legs less congested and you will feel lighter, thereby reducing any further development of varicose veins.

Start Bike Pedaling

Exercises for Varicose VeinsBike pedaling is a great exercise as it especially helps in preventing and reducing varicose veins while letting you work towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle. And if you suffer from tired legs, this exercise is just for you.

When you lie down on the floor with your back flat, keep your hands under your buttocks or, if you prefer, at your sides to prevent back overload. Then lift your legs off the floor in the air, just like you are pedaling on a bike. The higher you elevate your legs, the greater will be the circulation.

Perform Leg Lifts

Instead of the typical leg lifts that you perform in the gym, these leg lifts are geared towards improving blood circulation throughout your legs and prevent varicose veins. With your back supported lie on the ground and place your hands under your buttocks, then raise one leg maintaining it perpendicular to the floor and form an L. keep your leg in this position until you feel a sensation of blood pouring into your ankles from your feet. Repeat this exercise one leg at a time.

For completing this exercise, repeat it by lying down against a wall this time. Elevating your legs simultaneously, make an L, and lean your legs against the wall until you feel more blood circulating in your legs.

Ankle and Knee Flexing

Exercises for Varicose VeinsWhile lying back down on the ground, raise your knee to the chest, calf bent down. Maintaining this position, roll your ankles a couple of times. Make sure you do it forcefully and slowly, not letting the foot hanging freely. Repeat numerous times, alternating legs.

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